2016 Integrated Report - Quality that persuades!

The Management Board

From left to right: Dr. Richard Lutz, Berthold Huber, Ulrich Weber, Ronald Pofalla

»Railway of the Future has significantly improved the quality of the services and products offered to our customers.«

Letter from the Management Board

Our three dimensions

Focus topics 2016

  • Focus topic 1: Punctuality

    The foremost basis for satisfied customers is the reliability of our promise to perform. Restoring this reliability to the core of the railway’s promise to customers is the primary aim of Railway of the Future.

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  • Focus topic 2: Product and service quality

    Our core business focuses consistently on increased customer orientation and, accordingly, on improving product and service quality. In addition, we aim to increase productivity and our ability to compete through better processes and structures, not least through new digital technologies.

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  • Focus topic 3: Transformation

    As part of Railway of the Future, we have translated the necessary changes into five transformation targets: customer focus, cooperation, leadership skills, responsibility and high performance.

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  • Focus topic 4: Digitalization

    One key area of strategic action focuses on the disruptive changes caused by digitalization, which are exerting considerable influence on our business.

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  • Focus topic 5: High-performance infrastructure

    A high-performance infrastructure is essential for rail transport in Germany. Continuous and appropriate capital expenditures on maintaining and expanding a high-performance infrastructure are therefore crucial.

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Sustainability indexes

For DB Group, the top topics of the materiality analysis and the Group target system form the basis for the selection of the sustainability topics to be reported from an external and internal perspective (material topics).

This Integrated Report is based on the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and follows the GRI’s G4 “core” international guidelines. The following tables lists the page numbers where detailed disclosures relating to each GRI indicator can be found.

General standard disclosures Specific standard disclosures

The UN Global Compact is the world's largest and most important initiative for responsible corporate governance. By joining the UN Global Compact in 2009, DB has pledged to uphold the organization’s ten principles. It produces a regular progress report containing information about its activities and achievements.

UN Global Compact index

With our DB2020 + strategy we are already contributing to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) today. As an international provider of mobility and logistics services with more than 300,000 employees worldwide, DB Group contributes to the SDGs in a variety of ways.

SDGs in the DB2020+ Strategy
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