2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Focus topics
in the 2017 Integrated Report

There are topics that constitute a common thread running through many sections of the 2017 Integrated Report. We have marked these with a hashtag (#).


The foremost basis for satisfied customers is the reliability of our promise to perform. Punctuality is our main focus in this respect.

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A high-performing infrastructure requires continuous and adequate capital expenditures for its maintenance and expansion. Large capital expenditures lead to more construction activities in the network.

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Digitalization creates major opportunities but also challenges, and it therefore causes disruptive changes which have a material effect on our business.

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Our growing personnel needs require us to take action. We hire thousands of new employees each year. In 2017, we hired about 16,000 new employees in Germany alone.

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We consistently place more emphasis on customers and thus on the improvement of our product and service quality.

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#Climate protection

Environmental and climate protection are part of our DNA. By 2030, we intend to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to 2006. Moreover, we plan to be a climate-neutral Group by 2050.

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