2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Markets and strategy

DB Schenker holds a leading market position in all relevant market segments – European land transport, global air and ocean freight, as well as contract logistics. Our vision is to be the leading integrated transport and logistics services provider with a global reach. We want to strengthen and expand our leading market position.

With its PRIMUS strategy, DB Schenker intends to significantly increase profitability and focus its portfolio even more on international growth markets. A comprehensive transformation program was launched to drive change in the three core areas of growth, efficiency and culture.

The individual business lines of land transport, air and ocean freight and contract logistics are developing measures and putting them in practice. In addition, overarching issues are being managed centrally. One example is the comprehensive program aimed at raising efficiency, where function costs are being analyzed, and global shared service centers set up, among other activities.

Digitalization is increasingly gaining in importance as a driver of disruption in the logistics industry. DB Schenker therefore has a dedicated digitalization unit. This unit’s mission is to promote data-driven business models, online platforms and technical innovations worldwide.

  • Economicdimension: The central challenge is to be able to respond more quickly to market demand. For this, we rely on processes distinguished by standardization as well as industrialization. By adapting supply chains consistently, we fulfill customer requests while deepening the customer relationship at the same time. The focus is also on the further expansion of integrated and innovative solutions for the entire logistics chain. Our objective is to grow profitably and increase the EBIT margin on a sustainable basis. We strive toward growing more strongly than the market in all segments and maintaining our leading market positions. In pursuing this goal, we are further enlarging and developing our global network. Particular focus is on the expansion and harmonization of our global IT landscape. We are also co-­operating with technology companies to develop new digital products and services that improve both collaboration with our subcontractors and our ability to deliver on our promise of performance to customers.
  • Socialdimension: We aim to be the top employer in logistics. Satisfied employees are a prerequisite for satisfied customers. In order to achieve our targets, we are strengthening our corporate culture and expanding our individual and international career development programs. Moreover, we offer a modern, family-friendly and diverse working environment. #Recruiting
  • Environmentaldimension: We actively build upon our extensive know-how in green logistics. We use our Eco Operations to record, assess and increase the energy and material efficiency of our internal processes. With Eco Procurement, we focus on the purchase of CO₂-friendly services from our carriers and sub-provid­­ers. The tools we use in this effort include our preferred carrier portfolio, our carbon reduction agreements, and our environmental partnerships with top carriers. Eco Transparency includes instruments that can be used to calculate our carbon footprint even more precisely. Through Eco Consulting no. 12, we offer our customers consultation services through which they can improve their carbon footprint.
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