2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Markets and strategy

The main tasks of DB Netze Energy are the economical and environmentally efficient procurement of energy and the reliable supply of energy for TOCs. In addition to structured energy procurement and the effective control of auxiliary energy costs, we counter risks of volatile commodity prices using a hedging strategy established in DB Group. Changes in taxes and fees are compensated to the greatest degree possible. We also have a high-performance infrastructure for the provision of electricity and diesel to mobile and stationary consumers.

  • Economicdimension: DB Netze Energy offers one of Europeʼs highest levels of supply reliability for rail transport. Thus far, we have exceeded the supply reliability target agreed with the Federal Government in the LuFVII. each year. This quality is also reflected in the high level of customer satisfaction. DB Netze Energy strives to maintain the high quality and to continue offering our customers attractive products in the future. As an expert in the railway energy industry, DB Netze Energy uses the energy economics know-how available to it in order to provide market-oriented services to meet the demand from external industrial and commercial enterprises for qualified assistance in the procurement of electricity and gas. Retail customers can also buy eco-power from DB Netze Energy.
  • Socialdimension: DB Netze Energy emphasizes transparent information and communication as a basis for the cultural development process and a high level of employee satisfaction. In addition, conditions have been established to enable employees to enroll in programs for further personal development and for shaping strategic topics as well as presenting their own ideas for innovations. These programs give employees the opportunity to exercise their own initiative.
  • Environmental dimension: As the energy provider for TOCs in Germany, we are implementing the climate target of DB Group in procurement and supply, thus making a fundamental contribution to the energy transition on the rails and in the entire transport sector. We will pursue our vision of meeting 100% of our traction current requirements with renewable energies by 2050. Customers today are already able to take advantage of green products based entirely on renewable energies. In addition, we are committed to increasing energy efficiency in DB Group and offer customers services around the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from a single source. Comprehensive services for efficiency measures and reduction in greenhouse gases are provided not only to TOCs, but also to customers from industry and commerce.
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