2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Events 2017

Improvements to service at the station #Quality

  • A number of measures were taken to ensure the continuity of the successes of the cleaning initiative under Railway of the Future and further increase customer satisfaction at the stations. This also includes customer-facing workflows and digitalized processes such as gathering customer feedback using WhatsApp  as well as the permanent presence of cleaning staff at the top stations.
  • In mid-June the first new glass waiting room was commissioned to provide more comfort for passengers on the platform at Wolfsburg central station.
  • Replacement of the 82 central information points in stations across Germany commenced at the end of November with the commissioning of the first new DB Information at Nuremberg central station. There is an integrated version at Münster (Westphalia) central station and Hamm (Westphalia) station.

Entwicklungen in Bauprojekten #Construction

Construction works in 2017 are summarized in the constrution project map.

Modernization of stations in Hamburg

In Hamburg, we have started to modernize the tunnel stations at Jungfernstieg and Stadthausbrücke S-Bahn (metro) stations. At Jungfernstieg station the central feeder level has been remodeled. Work is expected to be completed at both stations in 2018. Modernization of the Altona S-Bahn (metro) station was largely completed by the end of 2017. About € 55 million has been invested in modernization works. 

Master agreement signed for Munich central station and Starnberger branch station

The signing of the master agreement between the City of Munich authorities and DB Group in March is an important milestone for the overall development of Munich central station with concourse buildings, Starnberger branch station and approaches. DB Netze Stations is investing about € 700 million in total. We have also come to an agreement with the Free State of Bavaria and the City of Munich authorities over concerns relating to civil engineering and protection of historic monuments regarding the demolition of Starnberger branch station and construction of the new 69m high-rise building.

Plan approval decision issued for relocation of Hamburg-Altona station

The existing terminal station at Hamburg-Altona will be replaced by a new station at the Diebsteich site for long-distance and regional transport. The current S-Bahn (metro) station in Altona will remain.

The plan approval decision was issued on December 29, 2017. Overall commissioning is scheduled to take place at the end of 2023. A start will be made on initial construction work at the start of 2018.

A real estate scheme at the new Diebsteich site is planned by a private investor and is included in the relocation of Hamburg-Altona station. The plan is for a building complex with two high-rise buildings which will also function as the DB concourse building. The City of Hamburg, the investor and DB Group have signed the contracts required for this. DB Netze Stations is investing about € 63 million.