2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Markets and strategy

Stations are increasingly becoming meeting places in today’s mobile society. We are actively promoting this development and are developing our stations into multimodal mo-bility hubs with improved amenities, as is clearly seen in our “Stations 2020+” strategy.

  • Economicdimension: The connection to innovative transport services at the station continues to be fundamental to the multimodal design of the transport systems of the future. Stations also need to offer a customer experience that goes beyond a mobility hub function. Free WiFi access at major stations allows passengers to spend their waiting time in a meaningful way, in comfortable waiting areas in the concourse buildings and on the platform. We have pressed ahead with follow-up measures under the quality initiative setup underRail­­way of the Future. To ensure the continuity of the successes of the cleaning initiative, we will establish a new cleaning concept with a permanent on-site presence at the top stations. We are pressing on with the extensive modernization of the major S-Bahn (metro) tunnel stations and have provided the latest sanitary facilities at about 100 stations. These measures are supported by new marketing concepts, a variety of digital approaches, consistent cost management and cooperation with numerous partners. This is providing considerable benefits to customers and creating a setting which is appropriate for our role as Profitable Quality Leader.
  • Socialdimension: We work continuously on further developing our corporate culture and the satisfaction of our employees. Our guidelines in this effort are the five elements of customer focus, cooperation, leadership, responsibility and performance. At the same time, a performance culture, in addition to involving lofty goals and being able to accept criticism, includes an appreciation for the contribution that every employee makes. A common target culture is created in dialog formats and through management training. We focus on tools that promote continuing vocational training, to offer attractive development opportunities for high performers and those with high potential.
  • Environmental dimension: As an operator of a complex portfolio of facilities we are committed to using environmentally friendly facilities and building technologies. When modernizing old buildings or constructing new ones, we therefore investigate the use of innovative lighting technologies no. 50, geothermal energy production, combined heat and power generation and photovoltaic systems no. 30 at all sites.

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