2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Digital planning and construction becomes a reality #Digitalization

BIM is a collaborative method of working where all data on rail infrastructure facilities is fed into an optimized planning, construction and management process that covers the entire life cycle. We intend to use the BIM method to implement all new infrastructure projects that can be stand­ardized or that are complex from the end of 2020. We intend to complete the first phase of the development of principles for efficient digital processes and technologies in the planning, construction and operation of rail infrastructure facilities, which we started in the year under review, by the end of 2018 and move to the professionalizing phase in 2019. The BMVI is funding 13 major infrastructure projects.

DB Netze Stations has been using BIM to plan and construct all of its new station projects since January 2017. At Werbig in Brandenburg, we started using BIM to plan and construct the first station back in 2014. Cost and deadline targets were met and progress on construction optimally integrated into railway operations. Since then the BIM approach has been applied in another 80 station projects.

Focus topics