2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Progress on the Stuttgart – Ulm project #Construction

The Cost and schedule development µ158 of the ŒStuttgart – Ulm rail project will be discussed in Events after the balance sheet date. Further progress has been made on construction work:

  • Further reinforcement and concreting work on the floors and walls in some construction phases is underway.
  • The concreting of the first three chalices is now complete.
  • The west tube of the Filder tunnel was bored conventionally and the tunnel boring machine passed through this section.
  • Breakthrough to the second tube of the Cannstatt tunnel was completed at the northern approaches to the station (Nordkopf) at the start of October.
  • In total, about 90% of the relevant anhydrite seams in the Cannstatt and Feuerbach tunnels have been broken through successfully.
  • More than 35 km, representing about 60% of the tunnels required for Stuttgart 21, have been drilled and excavated.
  • Following submission of an appeal to the Higher Administrative Court, no further contracts will be awarded in the airport sector for plan approval section 1.3a despite possible immediate enforceability until a final judgment has been issued.
  • On the Wendlingen – Ulm new construction line, a stretch of over 38 km, or more than 60% of the tunnel kilometers, has already been bored and extracted.
  • The tunnel boring machines accommodated signage for the last major tunnel in the foothills (Albvorland tunnel, over 8 km long) in October 2017.
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