2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Quality of the existing network improved further #Quality

For the proof of infrastructure quality that must be provided annually under the LuFV II, a total of eight key quality indicators subject to sanctions as well as other assessment parameters were established, and are used to describe and assess in detail the state and development of the existing track infrastructure.

In the year under review, most of the agreed contractual targets were met. The only agreed contractual target not met in full was theoretical lost travel time total network (theoretischer Fahrzeitverlust Gesamtnetz). This target was missed due to developments in the past which are being discussed between DB Netz AG and the Federal Government with respect to their legal compliance and their ac­­countability with regard to quality key figures. As a result, € 15 million will become liable for repayment to the Federal Government. This is documented with the 2017 Infrastructure State and Development Report (Infrastrukturzustands- und -entwicklungsbericht; IZB) which will be submitted to the Federal Government by April 30, 2018, as agreed in the contract. This report will also address the capital expenditures and maintenance expenses undertaken, as agreed, in the year under review. Performance figures for the key quality indicators are preliminary, in accordance with LuFV II, until the audit has been completed by the Federal Railway Authority.

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