2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

DB Engineering&Consulting

DB E&C continues on its path of growth

Our engineering and consulting subsidiary DB E&C continues on its path of expansion in its key international markets, opening new offices in several countries including China and Australia. Following the record figures for new orders overseas in 2017 (over € 90 million), DB E&C will appoint new employees, particularly in India and the entire Asia-Pacific area. At the end of the year under review, there were about 4,400 employees from 73 countries working for DB E&C.

Continuing engagement in Taiwan

DB E&C, with support from DB Systemtechnik and commissioned by Sinotech Engineering Consultants, is reviewing the detailed design planning and the tender documents for the Taoyuan Metro’s new green line in Taiwan. Our experts will also provide support for the construction, systems integration and commissioning of the rail system over the next seven years. The new line is just under 28 km long; ten underground stations and 11 overground stations are planned. This project marks DB E&C’s continuation of an engagement in Taiwan that goes back to 1970.

Feasibility study for BMVI and new metro project in India

On behalf of the BMVI, DB E&C and non-Group partners have been conducting a joint feasibility study on high-speed rail transport in India since March 2017. Studies into increasing capacity and speeds on selected rail lines in India are being conducted as part of the Germany-India cooperation program. They are based on German experience of operational and spatial planning. DB E&C has also won a major new contract to provide project management services to the Bhopal/Indore metro.

Predictive maintenance improves the quality of rail operations #Digitalization

Since the start of 2017, customers of DB E&C and DB Systemtechnik have also benefited from the maintenance opportunities provided by digitalization: predictive maintenance enables maintenance requirements and damage to infrastructure and vehicles to be identified and rectified by the use of smart data diagnostics/analysis before problems arise. For example, operational disruptions due to switch failures are prevented by the early detection of faults as they emerge. This has a direct impact on customer satisfaction since it allows delays to be reduced considerably. These services are based on networking facility data on a special IT platform.

DB Rail Academy for international customers

The DB Rail Academy run by DB E&C offers high-quality, rapidly available training solutions for international customers. It is aimed at non-specialists such as senior managers and provides on-site training in the know-how re­­quired to plan and operate rail and transport systems successfully. The portfolio extends from individual seminars to long-term, certified programs.

Contract in California

DB E&C has won a contract for a section of the first high-speed line in California/USA. The Board of Directors of the Cali­­fornia High-Speed Rail Authority in Sacramento awarded DB E&C a contract for engineering and consulting services on technical and commercial aspects for the leg between Bakersfield and San Jose. In collaboration with its subcontractors, DB E&C will develop stations and schedules, train employees, develop operator models and act as an early train operator for the first section.

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