2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Slight decline in purchasing volume

The purchasing volume corresponds to the contractual obligations to suppliers that DB Group has entered into. On subsequent realization these become capital expenditures or expenses (mainly cost of materials and other op­­­­er­­ating expenses). The purchasing volume was € 30.3 billion (previous year: € 33.0 billion). The previous yearʼs figure contains the total volume for the procurement of ICE 4 as a one-off effect.

  • Freight and freight-forwarding services rose to 10.4 billion (previous year: 9.3 billion).
  • Industrial products declined significantly to 6.7 billion because of the elimination of the ICE 4 effect (previous year: 10.5 billion). This was partly offset by the procurement of additional IC 2 trains.
  • Construction and engineering services rose slightly to 5.6 billion (previous year: 5.4 billion).
  • Third-party services declined slightly to 4.8 billion (previous year: 5.1 billion).
  • Cable- and pipe-bound power and fuel rose slightly to 2.8 billion (previous year: 2.7 billion).
CHART 2642

The proportion of local purchases in Germany was slightly down, but remained at a very high level.

(€ million)




Purchasing volume 1)




Local purchasing volume (%)




1) Not including DB Schenker, DB Arriva and foreign companies of DB Cargo.