2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era


As an international provider of mobility and logistics services, DB Group has a special responsibility toward future generations. Our central ap­­proach is therefore to “think together” about environmental and economic ef­­fects, whether it is about eco-­power in trains, hybrid buses in urban transport, eco-­ware­­houses in lo­­gistics, climate-­neutral train stations, whis­­per brakes for quieter rail freight transport, recycling of concrete ties or the provision of DB areas as habitats for plants and animals. We view environmental protection as a 360-degree undertaking.

This is green.

DB Group’s unified environmental communication “This is green.” consolidates the presentation of the Group’s range of green projects. The projects are numbered consecutively and each receives its own message.

Our reporting focuses on three main areas: climate protection, noise reduction and resource efficiency. In addition, there is information on the topics of air quality control and nature conservation as well as other environmental targets.