2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Test lines for noise protection technologies

In order to expand our portfolio of noise remediation measures, we have launched the new and application-oriented noise control trials initiative (Inititative Lärmschutzerprobung neu und anwendungsorientiert; I-LENA) together with the BMVI as part of the capital expenditure program for the future. As part of the program, about 30 innovative products for noise protectionNo. 43 will be tested on the in­­­frastructure under practical conditions in the next few years. These include new types of sound barriers and innovative technologies to reduce rolling noise at the source through improved rail grinding and rail damping. I-LENA also focuses on sound insulation technologies for special “hotspots” where there is loud squeaking in curves, construction noise or annoying rumbling when crossing railway bridges.

In the BMVI innovative freight cars research project, we are also testing technologies for a smarter, more energy-­efficient and quieter freight car.

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