2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Significant events

Scope: disasters and accidents, sabotage, extortion, global political events

Our activities are based on a technologically complex, networked production system. In general, we try to combat the risk of potential operational disruptions through regular maintenance and by taking on qualified employees, coupled with continuous quality assurance and improvement of our processes. The nature of rail transport as an open system means that certain factors (such as natural disasters, accidents, sabotage and theft) over which we have only limited influence could have a negative impact on operations. Our efforts in such cases focus on minimizing the potential effects. However, this could also result in cost risks from countermeasures.

Damage to our infrastructure caused by extreme weath­­er events results, among other things, in a loss of income, penalty payments and an increased need for preventive measures. In order to adapt the means of production to extreme weather events and to avoid restricted operating quality due to weather damage, DB Group is working with national and international experts on the adaptation of external technical regulations to altered climatic conditions. In addition, disruption management is being revised in order to minimize knock-on effects.

Additional measures to increase public security in passenger stations, among other areas, such as higher requirements for the quality and quantity of video surveillance, may result in additional costs.