2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Further implementation of Railway of the Future

Our quality program Railway of the Future is set up in three stages: in the first stage in 2016, we eliminated the major annoyances for passengers, including defective escalators, elevators, destination signs and much more. We are now in phase two, with a focus on “Quality that persuades” through structural process im­­provements.

Much has been achieved in the year under review, for example WiFi availability and passenger information, but particularly in the case of punctuality we have not met our targets. In this respect, the progress made by Railway of the Future also did not meet our expectations. 

For this reason, further changes are necessary in 2018 to reach our long-term goals in relation to quality, punctuality and reliability. As a result, we are developing operational control and focusing on organizational capability. One of the actions taken for this purpose is the establishment of an EC Transformation.