2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

OPEX program started

The OPEX program was started in the year under review with the following fields of action: maintenance, joint co­­ordinated building (Bauen im Verbund) and capability development. OPEX supports the objective of Railway of the Future to change the performance culture of DB Group on a sustainable basis. Through OPEX, we are advancing the transformation that has already begun – for greater quality that persuades, and performance that delights our customers.

In the OPEX maintenance sub-program, the transformation at about 30 locations has begun in two phases. This involves initiating and implementing process improvements on a sustainable basis, using a standardized procedure. Employees are trained in their OPEX/lean skills and the performance levels achieved are discussed regularly on the basis of defined parameters and continuously improved.

The capability development sub-program has drawn up the first training portfolio of the OPEX institute. The qualifications on offer enable employees and executives to carry out the transformation professionally, acquire or develop skills and consequently to work differently.

In 2018, another 30 or so maintenance sites will take part in phases three and four of the OPEX transformation. The locations in the first and second phases will be checked at regular intervals in relation to their progress and support will be provided for follow-up work.The OPEX punctuality sub-program will be newly established in 2018. New measures to improve punctuality and those that are already ongoing are consolidated here in a program across all business units. These measures in­clude that the PlanStart teams at the top ten railway stations will not only improve the ability of long-­distance transport departing on schedule, but also that of local transport, and ensure that stop times are as scheduled.

The OPEX institute will also extend its portfolio with regard to the requirements resulting from OPEX punctuality, as well as offering individualized qualifications that are specific to previous experience.

Focus topics