2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Disruption management project started in case of major disruptions

In response to the increase in disruptive incidents, we set up the project disruption management in October 2017, with the aim of developing incident management across all business units.

In addition to strategic prevention (including improved vegetation control) and the development of fallback plans, the focus is on developing measures to improve the quality of customer care and information before, during and after incidents. An important focus in this respect lies in the management of passenger flows.

Vegetation action plan approved

Our vegetation action plan takes into account the changed general conditions and effects of extreme weather on rail operations. The objective is to make the rail infrastructure more stormproof, in order that passengers can reach their destination reliably even in critical weather conditions. Additionally cutting back and thinning vegetation, together with the hiring of more employees, will gradually reduce the storm-related impact on passengers.

In addition to the approximately € 100 million per year that has been invested in vegetation maintenance and control since 2007, we are investing an additional € 125 million over the next five years for the thinning initiative. The proven focus on dealing with areas susceptible to disruption (hot­spots), which has been running as part of Railway of the Future since the previous year, will be continued in 2018 with a further € 1.8 million. In addition, up to 150 new employees will be recruited for the enhanced inspections. Using a comprehensive and strategic approach, the vegetation action plan is committed to more stable forest land along the tracks. Storm-prone tree species and forms will be removed, while stable trees and shrubs appropriate to the location will be supported. 

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