2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Corporate culture undergoing change

Employee satisfaction




Employee satisfaction (SI)


Follow-up workshop implementation rate (%)



The employee satisfaction survey is conducted every two years. If no survey has been conducted, the key figure “Follow-up workshop implementation rate” is used.

In the year under review, one focus was to inform and involve DB employees regarding the targets and contents of Rail­­way of the Future and the DB target culture. A total of 1,000 multiplicators conducted independent workshops and activities in their areas. In addition, Railway of the Future was a component of the follow-up workshops to the 2016 employee survey.

More than 1,000 participants in five regional Railway of the Future action workshops worked on ideas to develop solutions together for the implementation of Railway of the Future, focusing in particular on improving cooperation across business units.

Furthermore, we carried out the follow-up process to the employee survey 2016. Group-wide, about 150,000 em­­ployees participated in the follow-up workshops and about 24,000 measures were agreed upon. The majority of the measures were derived for the action areas of communication, information and integration.

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