2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era


We continued to develop our Human Resources strategy (HR strategy) HR2020 in the year under review. Six cross-­cutting topics supplement our HR strategy: the aspiration to be a top employer, derived from the DB2020+ strategy, our strategic targets and the HR2020 programs (our areas of action). The content of the six cross-cutting topics represents the focus that will help us to effectively face the major challenges DB Group is facing in the Human Resources area. As a result, the content of the HR strategy was further specified, and the work on the HR2020 programs is even more focused on achieving our targets. The cross-cutting topics are:

  • targeted improvement of in-demand employer characteristics
  • increase employee productivity
  • building up a more forward-looking HR management
  • development of sustainable job profiles and competences
  • differentiated design of the work of the future
  • realization of the DB target culture to sustainably increase our performance