2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Optimization and international­ization of HR management

We work on making HR management more efficient and customer-friendly. The goal is thereby to support employees and executives in the best possible way to ensure that they can perform their tasks efficiently with good results and to also position HR itself as efficiently as possible. Three core elements play a central role in this respect: the executive is the first contact that an employee turns to – including in HR matters – and the executive is supported by an HR part­­ner as a consultant and assistant. The processing of ad­­­­min­istrative processes is already assumed by an HR Shared Service Center. Digital Self-Services make it easier for employees and executives to independently take care of an increasing number of matters at any time, while also providing maximum transparency regarding the processing of a task. The first digital services were rolled out in the year under review:

  • The digital documentation of the annual employee and executives dialog.
  • An HR dashboard that gives executives a quick and easy overview of relevant HR management information.
  • Three new online services where employees can in­­dependently maintain their personal data, report a secon­dary job and apply for a change in their individual working hours.

For 2018, many additional services are underway, for example a comprehensive digital product catalog of all Group-wide HR services and offerings, an easy-to-use reference generator, and Avature, a recruiting platform that offers executives, applicants, recruiters and Works Council members better management options and more transparency regarding ongoing application processes. Avature has already been rolled out internationally in Australia, the USA and Canada.