2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Personnel development continued

A career system was introduced for the top management level during the year under review. It promotes a broad range of experience for executives and greater movement within the management team. After a successful pilot proj­-ect, the DB leadership role model will form the basis for staffing and diagnostic procedures.

Further development and consolidation of the competence model for employees and executives with collective bargaining agreements were initiated at the employee level. The skills roadmap developed in cross-business-unit workshops has already been validated by the Group’s Personnel Development Committee.

404-2At the start of training in September 2017, we equipped about 1,200 vocational trainees of the first academic year in the pathways Railway employee in operational services (Eisenbahner im Betriebs­­dienst) and Businessmen/-women for traffic services (Kaufmann für Verkehrsservice) with a tablet. At the Nurem­­­berg location, we also piloted the use of tablets in the commercial and technical vocational training. The tablets are primarily intended as a learning tool; they should help establish a better link between the vocational training and real experience of trainees and their use of digital media. On top of that, tablets will in future years form the technical basis for the development and use of additional innovative learning formats.