2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Strategic workforce planningexpanded

For several years, demographic trends, combined with a mixed order situation, has presented us with a number of internal and external HR policy challenges. We proactively work with these issues to ensure that staffing needs are covered. #RECRUITING

As part of our strategic HR2020 program on strategic workforce planning, we set the goal of using future-oriented planning tools and reports to identify short-term, medium-term and long-term actions that need to be taken in all business units and areas of activity. Countermeasures are being developed in cooperation with centralized and decentralized HR units. An important central function is the Group job market, which enables us to ensure efficient internal deployment of personnel and to manage employment incentives.

With our strategic workforce planning (SWP) program, we have created a firmly established strategic tool for dealing with the HR policy challenges, which gives us a standardized, systematic way of looking ten years into the future to foresee staffing shortfalls and surpluses. At the same time, we can analyze the effects of medium-term and long-term trends, such as demographic trends and the resulting risks, and examine various options for addressing them. This allows us to clearly see the impact of strategic decisions and to evaluate the effectiveness of long-term measures. To keep this tool future-proof in view of ongoing digitalization and changing occupational profiles, we set out to continue developing the overall concept and underlying IT structure in the year under review. The improved human resources navigator tool is able to create a quick quantitative simulation merging staffing needs and em­­ployee numbers with a qualitative view of skills.

We also continually verify that our other tools, including HR reporting, are always up-to-date and have the potential for further improvement, and we implement the results accordingly. Currently, we are working on a further increase of our analysis capacity, for example, by adopting a tool for visual analytics.

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