2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Digitalization in station management

Digital displays at the stations

Digital displays are being tested at the stations in Augsburg, Münster and Wolfsburg. The displays bundle all information from the journey including station information and even the weather forecast in one location. The customer is informed of the relevant information via touch screen. Until now, customers have been able to find this information, some of which is still printed, distributed in the station. During the test phase, passengers can give their feedback directly via the display or QR code.

Holoplot – innovative loudspeaker system

The founders of the Berlin start-up company Holoplot have addressed the often poor acoustics in public places, for example in station concourses. The result is an innovative loudspeaker system that makes voice messages clear every­­where. The modular loudspeakers allow audio waves to be projected like a beam of light toward any point in the room. This allows precise determination of where something can be heard or not. The system is being tested at a number of different stations.

Cooperation with start-ups continues

In the year under review, DB Netze Stations’ start-up competition entered the fourth round with a record number of participants: 151 applicants submitted their ideas for new shopping experiences, innovative food concepts or helpful services at the station. A jury of experts from the start-up scene and DB Group selected two winners on May 18, 2017: “Getasty” sells lunch packs that can be ordered online, paid for cashlessly and picked up directly at the station without waiting. “TryLikes” is a young Dutch company that allows customers to give their feedback at the touch of a button. An online analysis tool makes it possible to track the satisfaction ratings in real time and to further sharpen focus on the customer’s needs. Both winners took part in the DB StartupXpress, our start-up funding program, and were able to test their concepts at Berlin Central Station.