2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Further development of trend efforts

DB Group’s business environment is in a state of constant change. Only by understanding change can we actively shape it. In order to take advantage of opportunities and counter risks at an early stage, we continuously monitor our environment as a basis for Group-wide strategy work. In the year under review, we linked our activities within DB Group regarding market, trend and technology developments more closely and created a standardized view of the future. The analysis focuses on the question of how developments in society, politics, technology and the global economy impact our markets. The individual topics are strongly interconnected and will have a decisive influence on the future of DB Group. We keep a close eye on this interaction so that we can determine what the consequences will be and what specific action we will take. In the year under review, we used this approach to create specific drivers for our strategy work and to further develop our strategic program portfolio with our group programs.

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