2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

drive freight transport

Autonomous and networked driving will involve fundamen­­tal changes for road freight transport. The Group program drive freight transport evaluates the implications of (partially) automated driving for logistics and its value-­added chain and evaluates the resulting new business models. Its open-minded approach and expertise in implementation have made DB Schenker a pioneer in this field. The develop­ment of expertise in digitalization associated with automated driving is just as central to this as the acquisition of operating experience in the application areas of autonomous driving at an early stage; on rural roads, on highways, in the city and on terminal grounds. In 2018, DB Schenker, in cooperation with MAN and Fresenius University, is carrying out a platooning project funded by the BMVI. In addition, in 2018 there will be preparatory activities for the piloting of autonomous truck runs on terminal premises.

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