2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

2017 Integrated Report - Departure into a new era!

Departure into a new era

How we further develop our business

Quality for us is the key to the customer, digitalization the key to our future.

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By 2020, DB Group wants to be among the ten leading companies on the German labor market, to compete for the best specialists

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Our aim is to be eco-pioneers. We have therefore set benchmarks with our products and our activities

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Forward-thinking for strengthening the competitiveness of our core business, ensuring our ability to cope with challenges in the future and realizing opportunities for growth.

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The Management Board

Chairman's letter


Focus topics 2017
in the Integrated Report


The foremost basis for satisfied customers is the reliability of our promise to perform. Punctuality is our main focus in this respect.

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Overview focus topics 2017


A high-performing infrastructure requires continuous and adequate capital expenditures for its maintenance and expansion. Large capital expenditures lead to more construction activities in the network.

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Overview focus topics 2017


Digitalization creates major opportunities but also challenges, and it therefore causes disruptive changes which have a material effect on our business.

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Overview focus topics 2017


Our growing personnel needs require us to take action. We hire thousands of new employees each year. In 2017, we hired about 16,000 new employees in Germany alone.

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Overview focus topics 2017


We consistently place more emphasis on customers and thus on the improvement of our product and service quality.

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Overview focus topics 2017

#Climate protection

Environmental and climate protection are part of our DNA. By 2030, we intend to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 50% compared to 2006. Moreover, we plan to be a climate-neutral Group by 2050.

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Overview focus topics 2017

Highlights 2017
The journey Berlin — Munich

in under four hours

On December 8, 2017, Germany's most modern railway line between Berlin and Munich was put into operation with two special trains running and a large celebratory event in Berlin.

-0:00 hMunich — Berlin

in 3:55 hours*
previously 6:00 hours

-0:00 hHalle — Munich

in 2:45 hours*
previously 4:50 hours

-0:00 hErfurt — Munich

in 2:15 hours*
previously 4:30 hours

-0:00 hNuremberg — Berlin

in 2:50 hours*
previously 4:50 hours

-0:00 hNuremberg — Erfurt

in 1:20 hours
previously 3:10 hours

-0:00 hLeipzig — Nuremberg

in 3:15 hours
previously 4:50 hours

* Sprinter

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Integrated reporting is more than just a simple combination of the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report. In our Integrated Report, we want to collect information, combine it, and present it in context. Our aim is to present a comprehensive overview of DB Group and the implementation of our sustainable DB2020+ strategy with its three dimensions: ECONOMIC, SOCIAL und ENVIRONMENTAL.


With the help of the download-center, you can collect relevant chapters at a central location. The respective chapters can either be reserved directly when reading the report via the sidebar add to download center or individually compiled in the download-center.

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In our Integrated Report, we fulfill all standards applicable in Germany for financial reporting. In our sustainability reporting, the Integrated Report follows the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and is in line with the GRI standards in the “core” option. At the same time, it satisfies the requirements of the German Sustainability Code and also serves as Communication on Progress for the United Nations Global Compact’s ten principles. The GRI Index will show you where you can find in - formation regarding a specific indicator. We have marked the respective locations with the symbol  next to the text and then listed the respective indicators below.

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