2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era


DB Group spends about € 170 million annually on the security of its customers and employees. As part of a law enforcement partnership, 5,000 Federal police officers and 4,000 of DBʼs own security staff work together, with technical support, to ensure the security of our customers and employees by combating crime and disruptive activity.

The measures applied in the year under review led to a sharply lower increase in incidents against our employees in trains and stations compared to the previous year. The measures for the protection of our em­­ployees and our customers coordinated with interest groups have already been implemented to a large extent and are showing initial successes. This includes improved employee training, better equipment, support from security technology, the adaptation of personnel concepts and the recruitment of additional security staff. Regular de-escalation and personal safety training for all 40,000 employees in contact with customers is an integral part of this. The test of bodycams by the DB Security staff in Berlin and Cologne was particularly successful. Implementation in selected divisions has begun, based on the proven de-escalation effect and protection against attacks on our employees.

In addition, we work with security authorities to review additional new technologies to increase the safety of our customers and employees and to modernize and expand video technology in trains and stations.

Development and expansion of video technology

We have increased the number of video cameras in stations from 6,000 to 7,000 in the year under review. The numbers of stations with video technology has increased to almost 1,000. We are continuing our program for video development adopted jointly with the Federal Government. A total of € 85 million was made available until 2023, and we in­­creased the budget for 2017 and 2018 alone by an additional € 10 million. New, cutting-edge technology for video monitoring and recording was put into operation in the main stations in Hanover and Hamburg, and in nine stations in Berlin. The installed cameras record in full HD. This makes more details visible even in poor light. Only the Federal police have access to the recorded images.