2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Personnel development

Training and professional development

The training and professional development of employees is carried out by DB Training as an intra-Group partner for learning, development and change processes in 23,000 events for about 250,000 participants per year. More than 3,000 training sessions are offered, addressing all target groups and functions within DB Group.

DB Academy is responsible for the qualification of the about 7,700 executives and potential executives of DB Group. Through our talent, transition and excellence programs based on individual development phases, we were able to reach out to and train most of our executives. We are continuously improving our portfolio and adjusting it to the needs of our target groups. We are increasingly using digital elements, agile methods and new procedures of learning and communication.

In the year under review, regional qualification centers were set up as pilot projects for the training and continuing education of our em­­ployees abroad. Furthermore, in Singapore the DB Schenker Training Center was further expanded and a program for fixed-term international project and visitation experience for specialists and potential executives was developed.

Training and development costs for employees 1)(€ million)













Per employee (FTE) (€)






1) Germany, including vocational trainees and students in dual-degree programs, excluding executives.

Training and development days in
customer-oriented job families




Per employee (FTE)




Germany (companies with about 79% of domestic employees).

Includes only training and development days in customer-oriented job families for permanent employees, excluding vocational trainees and students in dual-degree programs.

Training and development costs per employee are at about the same level as the previous year. Training and development days increased again in the year under review.

Securing new talent

Young professionals hired as permanent staff
by type of training




Vocational trainees




Dual degree students




Germany (companies with about 99% of domestic employees).

Hired after completion of training or dual degree.

Young people can complete training in over 50 apprenticeships in DB Group. Vocational training and dual degree programs are the foundation of DB Group’s efforts to secure the recruitment of skilled em­­ployees. This is supplemented by the long-term job preparation program “Chance plus” for young people who need support in accessing the labor market. In the previous year, “Chance plus” was adapted specifically for refugees. This resulted in the creation of a multi-level qualification program for refugees, under which 120 participants qualified for the DB labor market in the year under review. #Recruiting

Talent management and management diagnostics

Wider experience of executives and more movement in the executive team is the goal of management development. For this reason, DB Group introduced a new career system for executives in the year under review. In the future, an executiveʼs career path will depend on the individual having a certain range of prior experience, within or outside of DB Group. In addition, executives should change their management role after no more than seven years. Talent management supports selected executives in their career development. In the year under review, the selection processes in talent management were improved and the work of executives on their own initiative was particularly emphasized. In the future, development programs within the framework of talent management will be geared more toward networking, with the aim of building a community. The “Go.Global” network was established for employees and executives who are interested in working abroad.

Understanding of leadership

DB Groupʼs understanding of leadership is derived from the transformational leadership values, which are reflected in all career development tools. The elements of transformational leadership play a particularly important role in the change process of DB Group.

Focus topics