2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Meetings of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board was involved in all decisions of fundamental significance for DB AG.

In the year under review, the Supervisory Board held four ordinary meetings and one extraordinary meeting, as well as one strategy meeting. In addition, topics of material significance were explained in more detail to the Supervisory Board members in two information events.No Supervisory Board member fully participated in less than half of the meetings held in the year under review. In the year under review, two resolutions were adopted by written ballot. Meetings of the Executive Committee, the Personnel Committee and the Audit and Compliance Committee were held in preparation for the meetings of the Supervisory Board of DB AG.

The main issues discussed in the plenary meetings were the development of Deutsche Bahn Group’s (DB Group’s) revenue, profit and employment situation, as well as significant capital expenditure and equity investment projects. Personnel changes and board vacancies in the course of the year under review necessitated several decisions concerning Management Board matters, which were also discussed in detail and decided upon in the regular meetings of the Supervisory Board. These issues were prepared by the Personnel Committee of the Supervisory Board, which was temporarily joined by two additional Supervisory Board members to form a Recruitment Commission.

In the scheduled meetings held during the year under review, the Supervisory Board discussed the progress of the Railway of the Future program, which aims at achieving a sustainable increase in the quality and performance of the integrated rail system, and – together with the Chairman of the Advisory Board of DB Projekt Stuttgart– ­­Ulm GmbH – the progress and development of costs of the major Stuttgart 21/Wendlingen – Ulm project.

The Supervisory Board discussed the strategy of DB Group and major business units and Group divisions at a special strategy meeting. This meeting also included an in-depth discussion of digitalization strategy and the market and competitive situation, especially in logistics.

One of the topics discussed by the Supervisory Board at an extraordinary meeting was the situation in rail freight transport.

The Supervisory Board was also informed of significant individual items and adopted the necessary resolutions.

In addition, in December, the Supervisory Board provided advice on mid-term planning for 2018 to 2022 for DB Group and approved DB Group’s budget for the 2018 financial year and DB Group’s capital expenditure plan for 2018 to 2022.