2017 Integrated Report – Departure into a new era

Social acceptance resulting from open stakeholder dialog

Clear guidelines for stakeholder dialog

The acceptance of stakeholders is an essential prerequisite for DB Group’s sustainable success. For this reason, we are committed to holding dialogs with stakeholders as partners and working with all stakeholder groups in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

Our Stakeholder Charter provides the foundation and guidelines for all dialog activities. It serves as the basis for an open discussion of our stakeholders’ expectations and for fostering cooperation, so that we can learn from each other and develop viable solutions.

102-40Important stakeholders of DB Group are employees, private and business customers, investors, policymakers and regulators, suppliers, media as well as associations and the specialist public. Our guidelines are used, for example, by more than 1,000 of our colleagues who actively promote Railway of the Future in their work areas.

Regular dialog with policymakers and the public

Being one of the largest mobility and logistics services providers, DB Group attracts a lot of public and political attention in Germany. Given the importance of our role in ad­­vancing the railway system in Germany and Europe, we are sought after as a dialog partner, especially in public discussions, and also actively engage in dialog with the entire sector. DB Group establishes its own transport policy positions at the national and international level in dialog with political and administrative institutions as well as parties, associations and relevant scientific areas. DB Group seeks to use logical arguments to contribute to a constructive de­-bate process. The principles of the stakeholder charter also apply to dialog with policymakers. In addition, DB Group has set strict internal standards for participation in political processes, which are summarized as “Group Principles Ethics Code of Conduct” and which are binding Group-wide.

Passenger Advisory Board makes a valuable contribution

Since its founding, the Passenger Advisory Board has made major contributions from its 27 meetings, numerous workshops and surveys, and it has also successfully initiated measures. The Passenger Advisory Board convenes for regular meetings twice a year, and it provides support and advice to all Group divisions on numerous projects related to customers. In the year under review, the joint work effort focused on the further development of DB’s information system (Departure Economic), station waiting areas (Departure Economic) and the DB Travel Centers. The Passenger Advisory Board was also involved in strategic topics in the year under review, for example in the workshop “Sustainable products in passenger transport.” Focus in the year under review was mainly on the importance of sustainability during the travel experience, for which members of the Passenger Advisory Board kept travel diaries that served as the basis for discussing the importance of sustainability in the travel chain and specific product ideas in a subsequent workshop.